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In order to give players of Minecraft Bedrock a fresh experience and point of view, the Conflictic Honor addon offers a variety of mobs with interesting battles, fantastic animations, effects, and sounds.

This Orcs Update, in contrast to the previous Soulless Knight Update, does not introduce a “Boss” in the traditional sense; instead, the “Boss” is supposed to appear when all the orcs are together in their village. To defeat invaders, ranged attacks, melee attacks, obnoxious dwarves, a support orc, etc., the orcs cooperate, act as a team, and support one another.

Conflictic Honor Mobs Description

Soulless Knight: We now have the Soulless Knight, a knight who vowed to serve his king, thanks to the Soulless Knight update. Not even the most powerful person was expected to have such power, even after death, over something as trivial as words.

The desire to preserve what remained of the castle and his most beloved king, even though he was no longer in this world, overshadowed his wish, which turned into a curse that consumed and corrupted his soul and turned him into an undead. You can wield Soulless Knight’s weapons after killing him because of his Dark Soul Curse.

Captain Orc: Because of his vast battle experience, Captain Orc is an expert fighter who has honed a variety of fighting techniques to eliminate his adversaries. Being the strongest Orc in the village, he can execute impressive combos by fusing multiple separate attacks with his favorite weapon, the Bardiche, and its fists. You can battle with this orc to see for yourself that he possesses the most sophisticated Addon behavior—even surpassing that of the Soulless Knight.

Adult Orc: The adult orc is a young forger and gatherer who lacks much combat and weaponry experience. Since he is limited to using his fists, he fights with them. He surrendered to his instincts and used sheer force to massacre his adversaries. If his adversary is too far away, this orc can toss Dwarf Orcs (Mob seen later) into his bucket.

Cannoneer Orc: As its name implies, the Cannoneer Orc is able to wield a deadly weapon in the form of a cannon. He recharges the cannon by wearing six bombs around his waist and chest. Even though he’s a massive Orc, the cannon’s recoil will cause him to back off. This orc attacks from a distance as well as up close. He can use the Dwarf Orcs (Mob shown later) as ammunition and resupply it with the Bomb Box (Block shown below). When he runs out of ammunition, he will only be able to attack melee.

Conflictic Honor Items

Bardiche: The Captain Orc’s weapon of choice is the Bardiche, which is made from the orc anvil (which will be revealed later). It is swift and has a good range, and it can launch a charge attack that will take out the opponent and finish them. The charge attack will have a component on the HUD that indicates how long this attack will cool down.

Orc Cannon: Use caution when using the Orc Cannon, a destructive weapon that can send you flying when fired and is destroyed after one use. It is dropped by the Cannoneer Orc.

Automatic Crossbow: As its name implies, the Automatic Crossbow is a crossbow equipped with an automatic system that fires arrows one after the other. able to be produced using the Orc anvil (Block shown afterward)

Conflictic Honor Blocks

Small Stone Bricks: They are produced in the stone cutter by cutting stone bricks, much like stone bricks but with smaller bricks.

Gotic Glass: This dark crystal, which has seen a bloody battle, casts a shadow on a block-covered face, giving it a darker feeling.

Large Stone Plinth: A decorative and structural block with increased resistance to structural loads achieved by using deep slate and stone as an ingredient.

Conflictic Honor Structures

Small orc camp: A small exploration camp with supplies and occasionally a villager who has been taken prisoner. It is created in forests that have different kinds of wood, and three dwarf orcs live there.

Orc Camp: Two adults and four dwarf orcs reside in the Orc Camp, which is armed with weapons and supplies and employs the captured villagers as laborers to mine minerals. A wall of pointed logs that adjusts to the global terrain encircles the camp.

Orc Village: Orc Village is an Orc settlement that has training grounds, watchtowers, a forge, an armory, and houses (which have a 50% chance of being generated when villagers build them). Every structure within adjusts to the world’s terrain. There are a lot of orcs in this village. Will you be successful in defeating them?

Conflictic Honor Bug Fixes

  • The languages that were used were translated into the “ch:arrow_ground” block.
  • The “Ground Explosion” particle’s improper display on mobs and items has been fixed, and its texture and behavior have been enhanced.
  • Fixed a bug where the “stone chest loot” in the Soulless Knight’s structure would keep changing or duplicating itself when leaving and returning to the world.
  • Reentering the world after utilizing the “Soulless Sword” charged attack was fixed; this prevented you from using a sword attack and maintained the slow effect.
  • The Soulless Sword now has first-person animations and the ones that already had some minor improvements.
  • Depending on the target’s height, the majority of attacks in the Soulless Knight animation now aim at them. For instance, attacks will be launched upward if the target is higher; the orcs also incorporate this.

FAQ of Conflictic Honor

Q1. Does the addon work with other addons? 

  1. Yes, the player is not used by this addon.json, making it interoperable with all other add-ons.

Q2. Does the experimental mode of this addon apply? 

  1. Indeed, it makes use of the Additional Modding Capabilities, Holiday Creator features, and Beta API.

Q3. Will you keep working on this add-on? 

  1. Naturally, this is just the start; the upcoming update, The Knight Updates, will be even more magnificent.

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