Expansive Ores Addon V1.9: Compatible with any Addon!

With the help of this Expansive Ores Addon V1.9, your Minecraft Bedrock world will gain access to new ores, armors, weapons, utility items, tables with custom user interfaces, shields, enchantments, and effect rings. I will make frequent updates to the addon to add even more features, and in return, I will welcome your suggestions for improvement. 

What’s New in Expansive Ores Addon V1.9?

It was made compatible with version 1.20.5x of Minecraft Bedrock, bugs from earlier versions were fixed, and a new mob named Blockyn—which can be tamed—was added. Blockyn can be found in the caves.

Ores and Tools (Update)

Prismarine Ore: As I mentioned earlier, pristine is normally hard to find in a mud survival, so this one was added to make crafting the trident table easier.

Platinum: This ore is much better in terms of damage and durability than rhodium, onyx, and topaz ore. It has a normal generation, meaning that it is neither easy nor difficult to obtain.

Uraninum: This mineral is among the most resistant and would rank as the second-best for armor. When this mineral’s weapons strike another entity, they will release poison. The pickaxes listed below are the only ones that can be used to mine this ore. Pickaxes are made of amber, fluorite, nethersite, and uranium.

Jade: Although this ore has a normal generation, it is superior to ores that follow platinum in quality.

Flourite: One of the top three ores available for the addon right now is located in the nether; while it can be easily obtained, excellent pickaxes are required to get it.

Topaz: Though it is superior to iron in durability and better than stone, this ore is one of the most common; however, its use is not limited to mining; it is also traded with an entity that adds the addon.

Onyx: Though it’s not the best among all, this one is still preferable to Topaz.

Ruby: Although it is slightly less effective in mining, this one is still among the best, if not the best. Its tools are extremely skilled and even more effective than diamonds.

Recommended Settings in Expansive Ores Addon

It is advised that you play in Minecraft’s classic mode for optimal gameplay, as the pocket mode can cause issues when utilizing tables with custom user interfaces from that mode.

New Shields in Expansive Ores Addon

Uranium was one of the materials tested in a game that saw the addition of ten new shields. Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Amber, Jade, Flourite, Onyx, Rodeo, Diamond, Netherite, Copper, Iron, and Platinum.

Useful Items

Drills: The bedrock is the only barrier to this item’s ability to instantly remove any kind of block, regardless of how long it takes to break with a pickaxe. It can also break any custom block, whether or not it comes from this addon.

Ambar Amulet: With the help of this item, you will be able to drive away all low-level hostile mobs, including Silverfish, Endermite, Hoglin, Husk, Magma Cube, Piglin, and Zombies.

Ambar Totem: Every time you take clear damage, you can increase your heart capacity by holding this item in your main or secondary hand. There is only a 40% chance that you will obtain an extra heart when you take damage, and these are lost if you die or consume milk.

Apples: These apples originate from specific minerals that are currently in existence: amber, ruby, sapphire, onyx, topaz, and fluorite. In the same manner that the crafting will appear in the recipe book, every apple in the crafting table is crafted using this format.

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