MCBE Debug Screen: Exclusive Feature of Java Edition

With the help of this addon, you can now use the Java edition’s exclusive MCBE Debug Screen feature in Minecraft PE/BE. The MCBE Debug Screen and its features will be thoroughly explained in this article, and installing this addon is quite simple.

MCBE Debug Screen Features

Left Panel

  1. Cardinal Direction: which way you are facing.
  2. Chunk Location: The coords of the chunk and your coords inside the chunk.
  3. The angle of Attack: 0 indicates straight ahead, 90 indicates up, and -90 indicates down.
  4. Biome: The biome in which you are situated.
  5. Light Level: the block you’re standing in is light level.

Top Right Panel

  • Elapsed Time: You joined the game some time ago.
  • Dimension: where you are in dimension.
  • Entity Count: number of entities (including the player) that are within 96 blocks of the player.
  • In Village?: if you’re in a village or not.
  • Is Underground?: whether you’re below ground.

Middle Right Panel

  1. Weather: the weather conditions.
  2. Day Count: The total number of days in-game since the world’s beginning.
  3. Moon Phase: the world’s current lunar phase.
  4. Difficulty: The difficulty level of the world.
  5. TPS: The world’s ticks per second (average: 20).

Other Features

  1. Toggleable.
  2. Multiplayer compatible.
  3. No cheats are required.
  4. When removed, it has no lasting impact on the universe.

How To Install Map on Minecraft PE? 

MCWORLD is the primary map format used in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is very simple to install this single file, which doesn’t require any additional steps. We highly recommend installing the File Manager (Google Play) as you may need it during the installation process. It’s quite simple to install a map in Minecraft PE:

  • Download the map file on the.MCWorld formatted.
  • Start File Manager, then navigate to the Downloads folder.
  • Just clicking on the McWorld map file will cause it to open.

Did not work out?

Open File Manager and locate the MCWorld map file if the first method of installation did not work. Rename it and convert the.MCWorld file format too. ZIP. For instance, if you rename the file “MapForMinecraftPE.mcworld,” you should obtain “” Try utilizing the installation procedure outlined below after you’ve changed the format.

  • You ought to start by opening the file manager. We advise utilizing Google Play’s File Manager.
  • Choose the map that piques your interest and download it to your mobile device. 
  • Unpacking the downloaded file is required. Transfer the unzipped folder to the /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/ directory.
  • You can close the file manager as we no longer require it.
  • Start the Minecraft PE game, or if it was already open, restart it.
  • Completed! The installed map ought to show up in the world list.

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