SGPA To Percentage Converter Procedure

In this blog, you will learn about SGPA To Percentage Converter. But first, we will tell you about SGPA.

What Is SGPA?

The SGPA represents a student’s performance for a semester. A student’s semester grade point average (SGPA) is the weighted average of all grade points earned during the semester. Most institutes now provide an SGPA To Percentage Converter or a calculator to help students convert their points to percentage equivalents. The admissions committees of various colleges will use this information to consider and evaluate your application.

What Is Percentage?

You have learned about percentages in schools. So what percentage actually?

The percentage is essentially a ratio that can be expressed as a fraction of 100. To calculate a percentage of a number, divide it by the whole and then multiply it by 100. As a result, we can also say that the percentage represents a part out of 100. The symbol “%” represents a percentage.

Some Percentage Examples

 10% is a one-tenth fraction.

A quarter fraction is 25%.

A 50% fraction is equivalent to a 1/2 fraction.

75% is the same as a 3/4 fraction.

90% is the same as a 9/10 fraction.

Steps To Calculate SGPA 

To calculate SGPA the steps are as follows:

  • Make a list of all of your credit points for each subject.
  • Next, multiply each topic’s credit point by the grade you received in that subject.
  • Add up all of the results.
  • Next, divide your total score by the total number of credit points.
  • The result will be the SGPA.

Example Of Calculating SGPA

Subject Credit Point Grade
A 2 7
B 4 9
C 2 8
D 3 9


  • First, multiply the credit points with the scores: 2*7=14, 4*9=36, 2*8=16, 3*9=27
  • Add all the outcomes of the first step: 14+36+16+27= 93
  • Then, add all the credit points: 2+4+2+3= 11
  • After that divide 93 by the total of credit points: 93/11=8.45
  • So, the SGPA is 8.45

Steps Of SGPA To Percentage Converter

In the educational field, the SGPA to Percentage Conversion Calculator is used. The calculator converts the individual’s allotted grade points into percentages in a matter of seconds. The percentage conversion calculator was created to save the candidate’s time and energy. This also implies that there will be no errors in the final product.

The Formula Of SGPA To Percentage Converter

The percentage calculating formula is here:

SGPA * 10 – 7.5 = Percentage

The Steps For Calculating the Percentage From SGPA are as follows:

  • First, compute the SGPA for each semester.
  • Add the SGPAs of all the semesters once you have them.
  • Divide the total of the SGPAs by the number of semesters you’ve taught.
  • Divide your SGPA by 10 and subtract 7.5 from the total [(SGPA * 10) – 7.5 = Percentage].

For Example,

  • The SGPA Of a Student is 8.2
  • Now Subtract it by 0.75

 8.2-0.75= 7.45

  • Then, divide the outcome by 10
  • So, the percentage will be 7.45*10= 74.5%

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