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Inspired by popular YouTuber Speed Silver, Beyond64’s Speed Silver Weapon Addon brings to life the thrilling weapons he showcases in his videos. These weapons feature custom 3D models and unique abilities, just like the videos, and are inspired by the exciting content of Speed Silver.

Five unique weapons are included in version 1.0, each with a unique set of features. There will be updates soon, as more weapons are being developed. Because some abilities might not be possible in Bedrock Minecraft, please be aware that not all weapons are created equal. We really hope you have a great time.

Speed Silver Weapon Features:

  1. Miads Sword: Using a Notch Apple, the Midas Sword is a weapon of royalty. It has the ability to vanquish the most formidable opponents. The catch, though, is that your strength is inevitably dependent on luck. Either nothing will happen to you or you will gain tremendous power that will instantly vanquish every enemy.

Miads Sword

Weapon Ability:

  • 8 Attack Damage
  • When an entity is harmed Strength can be obtained from 1 to 3 for 4 seconds.
  • You Could Get Nothing If You Injure An Entity.
  1. Ender Katana: Created using the essence of the terrifying nether, it has the ability to instantly teleport the player a great distance, sparing them from certain death.

Ender Katana

Weapon Ability:

  • 9 Attack Damage
  • The player is instantly teleported to where they are looking when they interact, even if they miss.
  1. Dragon Scythe: The weapon with the most lethal power to eliminate your opponent’s effects also grants you regeneration to protect you from your adversary while dealing incredible damage to stop them cold.

Dragon Scythe

Weapon Ability:

  • 10 Attack Damage
  • Hit An Object To Take Away All Of Its Beneficial Effects
  • Tap An Object To Receive Regen
  1. Magma Club: With this weapon, which is completely covered in fire, you can use your blows to burn down your enemies. It also offers resistance to the materials used to make this weapon, which greatly facilitates Nether exploration.

Magma Club

Weapon Ability:

  • 8 Attack Damage
  • A weapon that is equipped with fire resistance can be used to strike an entity and burn it.
  1. Pufferfish Cannon: A pufferfish cannon: is a gun that shoots pufferfish, which, when injured, give an entity a taste of their thorns, is fashioned from the seas and one of the deadliest mobs combined. 

Pufferfish Cannon

Weapon Ability:

  • Interact to Shoot Pufferfish: Anything Near the Pufferfish Will Receive Poison; Anything Hit by the Pufferfish Will Receive 3 Damage; Nothing Will Attack.
  1. Ender Bow: Ender bow, created with a dead cow’s tears, costs money and has limited range attack and teleportation capabilities.

Ender Bow

Weapon Ability:

  • Functions Like A Regular Bow; Sneak and Engage To Launch Ender Pearl Cooldown; Freezes You Following Each Teleport.
  1. Emerald Blade: The Wealthy Riches The more you possess, the more powerful you get.

Emerald Blade

Weapon Ability:

  • Gain +1 Strength and 6 Attack of Damage for every 64 emeralds

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