Weapon Combiner Addon in Minecraft

With the Weapon Combiner addon, you can combine common weapons with uncommon materials to create extremely potent custom weapons. Consider enhancing a standard sword with a unique object, such as a totem of a magical or unchanging golden apple.

Whoa! You receive a special sword with amazing strength, durability, and even magical abilities. You can customize your equipment to your liking for your Minecraft adventures by using the Weapon Combiner. Now arm yourself with more powerful weaponry, enjoy exploring, and get ready to conquer the blocky world!


What Weapon Combiner Are Capable of Doing

Amethyst Weapons: Regeneration occurs with a right-click; the length of time depends on the base weapon.

Beacon Weapons: Strength, Resistance, Speed, and Jump Boost are examples of passive effects.

Camouflage Weapons: You can go invisible with a cooldown by right-clicking.

Crying Weapons: To gather tears and get buffs, hit a mob.

Deep dark Weapons: passive effects that exhibit resistance and speed.

Double Axe Weapons: increases an axe’s damage by double.

Dragon Egg Weapons: To fly, right-click.

Ender Pearl Weapons: To fire an ender pearl with a cooldown, right-click.

Froglight Weapons: passive effects that combine speed and jump boost.

God Apple Weapons: Absorption, regeneration, resistance, and fire resistance are examples of passive effects.

Magma Weapons: slowly deals damage; the degree of damage varies depending on the base weapon.

Redstone Weapons: passive effects that move at incredibly high speeds; the base weapon determines the speed.

Sea Weapons: Water breathing and conduit effects are examples of passive effects.

TnT Weapons: Toss TNT with a right-click.

Wither Weapons: Absorption, Resistance, Fire Resistance, Strength, and Regeneration are examples of passive effects.

Highlighted Weapon Combiner Addon and Gear

  • Scythe
  • Beacon Gear
  • Weeping Gear
  • Dark Gear
  • Double Axes
  • End Pearl Gear
  • Magma Items
  • Redstone Weapons
  • Sea Weapons
  • TNT Weapons
  • Withering Weapons
  • Frog Lantern Gear
  • Golden Apple Gear
  • Amethyst Equipment
  • Dragon Egg Equipment
  • Totem of Undying Weapons

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